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Meet the Summer 2012 CAT Interns: Erin

By admin
July 6, 2012 4:17 pm

You’ve met four of our wonderful interns! Now, meet our 5th- Erin.

Erin (on the left) and Gayl among the piles of paper they organized!


Name: Erin Berry
Previous/Current Occupation: Full-time Student, Part-time barista and teller
Childhood Ambition: Probably a doctor or a teacher
3 Words that best describe you: Honest, loyal, and stubborn
Proudest Moment: Graduating college with honors; it was a hard battle at the end.
Why Chicago Adventure Therapy (CAT)? I was really attracted to their use of strengths-based therapies and self-empowerment strategies while helping youth be active and exposing them to activities they might not have ever tried before.
What have you learned so far in your internship? I’ve learned a bit about the brain, and how brain-based learning is making it’s way into adventure therapy. There is quite a debate going on about creating stressful environments for a client, and whether or not it produces or inhibits change.
What has surprised you about CAT and/or about Adventure Therapy? Something that has surprised about CAT is their ability to do so much, and help so many youth, with so little. It’s really fascinating and inspiring.

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